Current Kids class session started Sept 5th and will go to October 10th.

Athens Ki-Aikido is a traditional dojo (martial arts school) offering practice and instruction in the modern Japanese Martial Art system of Ki-Aikido (Shinshin Toitsu Aikido) and the related Mind/Body Oneness Awareness training of Ki Development(Shinshin Toitsu Do).

Come visit us at our Dojo (Dojo is open when classes are meeting. See Schedule):

94 Columbus Rd. Suite A9
Athens OH
(The ACEnet complex)

Athens Ki-Aikido is the only Ki Society International affiliated dojo in Ohio or the immediate multi-state region. We are (as far as we know) the only Aikido dojo of any style within a 50 mile radius of Athens.

Ki-Aikido (Shinshin Toitsu Aikido) is a specific style or school of the modern Japanese Martial Art system of Aikido. In Ki-Aikido, Aikido is grounded in and combined with Ki Development (Shinshin Toitsu Do), which is also taught as a separate, stand-alone topic.

Ki-Aikido was developed by Koichi Tohei sensei and is now carried on by his son, Shinichi Tohei sensei and the Ki Society organization, Shinshin Toitsu Aikido Kai, headquartered in Japan.

Aikido is a modern martial art system with traditional roots, practiced for awareness, health/fitness/wellness, and spiritual/personal exploration, as well as self-defense.

Ai-ki-do means Join-Energy-Way; Ai means joining or meeting; Ki is energy, life-force (Qi/Ch'i in Chinese); Do is way or path (Dao/Tao in Chinese).

Aikido is a paradoxical practice because it is a martial art that teaches not-fighting; it is often called “The Way of Peace”. The context of training is a combat situation - someone “attacks” and another “defends”. Aikido offers dynamic self-defense on a physical level and also, by extension, crisis/conflict resolution skills useful in the emotional and psychological context of daily life; in personal and business situations. In the ideal practice, an attack is controlled without anyone - including the attacker who intends to kill you - coming to harm. Practice is athletic and (sometimes) physically demanding, but non-competitive (not a sport) and non-aggressive.

In Ki-Aikido, Power comes from rhythm and timing within an aware relationship. Focus is more critical than strength. The "Aiki" attitude is one of calm alertness rather than anger or fierceness. Practice is filled with smiles, laughter, cooperation, and also a sincere earnestness.

This should not belie the fact that Aikido can be an extremely effective method of self-defense, and is used as a basis of many police/correctional restraint and control courses.

Ki-Aikido promotes fitness, but does not require practitioners to be in exemplary physical shape.

Shinshin Toitsu Do - or Ki Development - is a practice of Mind/Body Awareness using posture, breathing, physical exercises/explorations and meditation to directly experience Ki or Oneness of Mind and Body. Related to Yoga and Qigong, Ki Development is a unique approach to this experience - simple and straight forward.

Shinshin Toitsu Do underlays all practice of Ki-Aikido, or can be studied as an independent (non-martial art) practice. Athens Ki- Aikido has regular weekly Ki Development classes and Breathing and Meditation Practice sessions.